• We use Oxford Spelling (~ize not ~ise), but note the irregularities list. A further useful resource may be the Ubuntu Word Substitution list;
  • We do not censor taboo words – we all know what the words are;
  • We have a preference for ~t not ~ed past participates; learnt, not learned (unless we mean learnèd);
  • blonde (fem.); blond (masc.).


  • We do not underline.
  • For lists, a semi-colon (;) denotes the end of a list item, with the final item in the list having a period (.);
  • One space follows a period, not two or more;
  • Numbers under 10 are spelt; numbers over ten are numerically given;
  • List items start with an upper-case letter;
  • A preference is expressed for ligatures and accented letters to aid reading: hæmatology, naïf etc.;
  • Abbreviations have a denoting period;
  • We use emdashes (—) and endashes (–). If in doubt, refer to Butterick;
  • Ellipses are executed as one character (), not three individual periods.

Styleguide Precedence

  1. In-house style guide (this);
  2. Butterick’s Practical Typography;
  3. The Guardian’s;
  4. The Economist’s.