007 Operatives



term definition
007 A person on shift to make decisions around sensitive or operational matters
Director A person currently serving as a director of Nowhere (Europe) Ltd, as detailed at opencorporates
Community elder A trusted member of the community, who meets these criteria:
  - is a serving company director;
  - served a board, site lead, or malfare shift lead in the past or more than two occasions;
  - been a themecamp/barrio lead, or nowhere lead for greater than three years;
  - is, in the judgement of the Malfare Leads (collectively) to be good standing.
Convened members the on-duty site-lead(s), the on-duty malfare shift-lead, the on-rota 007 operative
Malfare Cabin The Malfare on-site office
Malfare Lead A person appointed by the directors to hold to role of “Malfare Lead”, all year round
Malfare Shift Lead Person doing a malfare shit, on site
Quorum 50 people
Serious crime an offence that may lead to imprisonment for five years or more
Site Lead The person, or persons scheduled or undertaking at the start of the process, the role of “Site Lead”
Sober Capable of forming logical and rational decisions


This protocol sets out the role of 007 and area in which they my be call in to execute their duties/discharge their station.

007 selection criteria

Malfare Leads will, on behalf of the community, select from those who’ve purchased tickets, and are known to be coming, between 10 and 25 people in good standing, to act on behalf of the community, to make decisions, on-site about certain events.

The list of 007 Operatives will be published via the rota, exist as a shared document on Google Drive, as well as printed and displayed within the Malfare cabin.

007 operatives will…

  • Be in-good standing with the community;
  • Be indemnified for their actions whilst on duty, by Nowhere (Europe) Ltd.;
  • Be experienced (five or more years) as a participant;
  • Be experienced (five or more years) as a participant at any authorized Burning Man related event and having attended at least two Nowhere festivals in the past;
  • Have served as a lead in the past for greater than three years;
  • Be as objective as possible, without being emotional;
  • Put aside religious, conscientious, and personal ethical views whilst on-duty;
  • Have demonstrated, at Nowhere, the ability to quickly form rational, logical, evidence-based decisions objectively, putting the longer-term needs of the event, ahead of anything else;
  • Need to recuse themselves if they are involved in a situation which is under review;
  • Act in good faith;
  • Be loosely representative (collectively) of the Nowhere community;
  • Be empowered by the community, to act on behalf of the community;
  • Be able to self-nominate themselves, if they feel they meet these criteria subject to the timelines published by Malfare from time to time;
  • need to make decisions that are equitable for participants and the event.

Conflict of interest & emotional triggers

Should there be a conflict of interest or emotional triggers, from any person involved, they should immediately recuse themselves from the process, and an alternative person shall be found to exercise such duties.

Automatic triggers

The 007 must be called if:

  • A theft, sexual assault, negligence, carelessness incident is reported;
  • Reports of menacing and/or predatory behaviors are made;
  • A serious crime is reported;
  • Fire regulations are breached or believed to be breached;
  • Third substantiated / actioned noise complaints for individuals, camps, installations etc.;
  • Actions & incidents that jeopardize the future of the event are noted;
  • Continual risks to self are happening;
  • Continual risks to others are happening;
  • One (or more) participant or incident consumes greater than five hours of any on-duty person’s time (including when said person is off-rota);
  • Attention is brought to Malfare, of a participant who may be vulnerable (in the views of either laymen, or appropriately qualified professionals);
  • Situations when greater than 100 participants from beginning to end of the festival are exhibiting common symptoms (see also: health outbreak protocol).

Manual triggers

Under these circumstances, the on duty 007 may be called to action:

  • At the discretion of one of the on-duty leadership team;
  • At the discretion of the Malfare Lead(s);
  • At the request of a director;
  • At the request of Red Cross, or the licensed contracted security team