Evacuation Procedure

Evacuation Procedure


The goal of any fire procedure is to:

  • Call for help
  • Move people away
  • Move fuel away
  • Extinguish the fire

In every case Nowhere Site Lead will call the local fire department

  • Emergency 112
  • Sariñena 974-571-070
  • Huesca 974-220-000

Based on below process, a perimeter will be established to protect people from the fire and this perimeter will be grown as needed up to and including a full site evacuation

Items which are considered fuel should be moved away / out of the path of a potential fire including moving vehicles and potentially flammable / combustible objects out of the way but.

Do not in any circumstances obstruct — even temporarily — the access route/road/path.

### Types of threat There are two fire event types that will cause which would cause a rapid evacuation of the site.

  1. If a fire is onsite
  2. If a fire if offsite – but threatens the event

Onsite fire

For the first case ( onsite ), the immediate actions for all on-duty staff our covered in the Emergency Response Protocol : Fire Emergency - Onsite.

#### Off-site fires The immediate actions for all on-duty staff our covered in the Emergency Response Protocol : Fire Emergency - Offsite.


  • An evacuation of the site is to proceed if the fire cannot be contained, in the view of any one (or more of)
    • Malfare Lead (year-round)
    • Malfare Shift Lead
    • Either/both on-duty Site Lead(s)
    • 007 operative
  • Once a decision to evacuate has been made, The Malfare Shift Lead will be in charge of evacuation and may deviate from the protocols as event unfolds

  • The choice to halt the evacuation MUST have ⅔ consensus from
    • Malfare Shift Lead
    • One Site Lead
    • 007 operative
  • The evacuation point will be staffed by one site lead.
  • The other site lead will take a map and assign Nomads and all hands to sweep the site from the outside in: if using the assembly point.
  • All those with radios should switch to ear pieces
  • Other Responsible (sober) Personnel may be approached with URGENCY to assist, and placed on comms as needed.

Get Attention

The first step in the Evacuation will be to get the attention of all participants. 3 Actions will be taken.

  1. Malfare will sound the sirens, and if needed, use a Megaphone to get attention.

    “ALL COMM, ALL COMM. This is KHAKI. A site-wide evacuation will take place. Repeat. A site-wide evacuation will take place. RADIO PRIORITY IS DECLARED. NO FURTHER RADIO COMMUNICATIONS WITHOUT KHAKI’S CLEARANCE.

    All people carrying radios proceed IMMEDIATELY to the Malfare complex.”

  2. Sound Systems are to immediately stop playing (but should remain on in case of need).


  • Site Lead 1 to Assembly point
  • Site Lead 2 to Malfare marquee to divide people
  • MSL to Malfare marquee to quickly brief
  • Designated driver to Malfare
  • Interpreters to Malfare
  • On-duty power team to proceed to Malfare

Meeting Points

  • MSL may re-allocate people to ensure site-wide coverage.
  • A site vehicle shall be loaded with supplies and driven to the assembly point. The RECEIVER shall go in this vehicle, to prepare for in-bound EVACUEES.
  • DISABLED PEOPLE shall be collected and taken to the EVACUATION POINT. Own vehicles may be used for these purposes
  • RED CROSS shall decide on the condition of those in their care to transport themselves, or if they need site vehicle/ambulance transport.
  • ADDLED PARTICIPANTS should be escorted by friends or in their absence by those prepared to use strength and persuasion to get them off the site.
  • BARRIO LEADS shall ensure their camp mates are all accounted for, especially within tents.
  • PARENTS shall be responsible for their children.

Site sweep

  • All designated people to radio in “[ALPHA-ZULU] [ONE]: SWEPT. NO ISSUE/ISSUE”, where ALPHA-ZULU ONE is their given zone; Site Lead 2 to tick off on map.


  • All personnel shall proceed to the designated evacuation point as directed by the MSL, via the designated routes.
  • People before property.

At the Evacuation Point

  • Ask if anyone is known to be missing?
  • Responsible persons for each area reporting in.

Return to site

  • Once the threat has been neutralized/contained, and in the view of MSL and the on duty leadership team, and if applicable, officials from the municipality and elsewhere, it is safe to return to the site, a site visit shall happen.

  • Gate shall be re-established, and extra volunteers enlisted before others are allowed back.

  • When satisfied, people will be free to return to the site in an orderly fashion.

Shift Turn Over

If a fire happens at shift-change DO NOT STAND DOWN. Continue until stood down by MSL or Malfare Lead. The oncoming team will support (and not replace) the on staff roles.

Appendix A – Fire Containment


If the fire can be contained

  • Do so, without risk
  • If resources permit, photograph aspects
  • Retain equipment for investigation at a later date
  • Document
  • Communicate to quell rumours.

If the fire cannot be contained, ascertain whether there is fire fighting equipment on site

  • Extinguishers (including fire blankets)
  • The Fire Cart
  • Supplies of water and pumping equipment (including Poolhaus).