Sound complaints

Sound Complaint

  • Use the FLAME process:
    • Find out
    • Listen
    • Analyze
    • Mediate
    • Explain
  • Ask the people complaining what exactly are they expecting from the mediation process we’re just starting, ask them about their Nowhere experiences and listen to them for a few minutes

  • Be sure that everybody in the case is aware where he is presently on the map of sound zones and what are the level regulations schedules for sound systems, generators, etc.

Time Period Red Zone Yellow Zone Green Zone
11am - Sunset “à la discothèque” Living room party Living room party
Sunset - 4am “à la discothèque” Living room party Living room party
4am till 30min PreSunrise Living room party Living room party Conversation
Sunrise (6:30) ± 30 min Living room party Conversation No Sound
7am - 11am No Sound No Sound No Sound
Sound level Zone Zone plus Description
“à la discothèque” RED For about 100M around the edge of these camps will be RED. This is the level of sound you hear at a club. This level of sound should not cause distress in Green zones at any time.
Living room party YELLOW for about 50M around the edge of the camps and all places where Art Cars are allowed to drive If you were at your house, with normal household speakers, cranking it up. If you are are within 5m of the source, you will need to raise your voice to talk. This is approximately 70db -85db
Conversation GREEN This will be outside of the yellow zones. If you are past 5m, you should be able to hold a conversation at a normal persons conversion level (which is about 55db - 70db).

*Just for a little bit on db, from 65db to 105db is 16 time louder.

  • Once people are aware of the sound policy, try to find a solution:

    • Person who suffer from noise, If you find that the level of noise is unacceptable, could you:
      1. Use ear plugs? (Available at Malfare)
      2. Park your car to block sound?
      3. Move your tent?
    • If it doesn’t work after that: People who make noise and their abilities, could you:
      1. Point the speakers away from yellow or green areas… e.g. in a different direction?
      2. Add sound abatement or baffle sound, including putting cars in the way?
      3. Add a limiter or otherwise limit the sound generation ability?
      4. Lower the sound?
    • If it still doesn’t work after that:
      • Named sound contacts on Barrio registration form or registered creators of art cars to meet with the relevant lead and Malfare shift lead and sit down to discuss issues raised with regards to any breach of Nowhere’s sound policy.
  • Malfare shift lead to:
    1. Call Site Lead and if they can be found: Barrio lead and/or Art Car lead.
    1. Approach offending sound source operator and ask them to lower the sound.
    2. Inform them that after this they will be asked to turn off the sound source for at least 4 hours.
  • If this issue continues after this, the on-duty Malfare Shift Lead is to:
    1. Discuss with Site Leads and on-duty member of Sound team to decide on immediate actions to be taken to secure the source of the sound.
    2. Locate, and discuss the matter with Barrio lead, Art Car lead, or other relevant party for supporting said project;
    3. Discuss with key people (camp lead, camp’s sound lead, offending party) and relevant Nowhere Leads to assist in making decisions regarding said issues (ideally immediately, or in the case of anti-social hours, the day after the incident(s))
  • Turn over information regarding sound or sound installations next shift, and write up an incident report

  • Action can involve any or all of the following:
    1. Requesting camps/cars to participate in mediation with their neighbours or camp mates;
    2. Voluntarily remove and lock away pieces of their equipment for a period of time;
    3. Warn the noise-maker that this constitues a breach of the sound policy, and that we operate a “Three strikes” complaints system;
    4. Requesting camps or projects refrain from playing any more music;
    5. In very extreme cases (or third strike) request or require that those controlling the levels, and/or the owner of the sound equipment to leave Nowhere (in line with eviction protocol).
  • 007 operative involvement is an extreme case and sits under the policy for site eviction and has strict procedures according to Nowhere’s safety and emergency guidelines. Threats or suggestions concerning this are not to be made to any camp or project without such matters being discussed at length with Site leads, Malfare Site Lead, barrios and those responsible for the generation of problematic sound.

  • Threats to damage, impound or otherwise take equipment from participants by any member of Nowhere’s volunteer teams and are likely to be perceived as threats of assault on property by all parties and prohibited under all conditions.

  • Failure to comply with the tenets outlined in this document can lead to a barrio or project standing for consideration on acceptance as a barrio or project for the coming years event.

This plan was designed to help our community taking advantage of those great freedoms we have, still with respecting the different needs of our community members. We ask the Nowhere community to empower Malfare, nomads and site leads to intervene if said agreement is breached or behaviour with regards to amplified sound is deemed to work against the wishes and decisions of the community.

With volunteer led teams working 24 hours a day, activities scheduled all day, children / babies and disabled participants in our community and sleep well established as essential for wellness of body, mind and the strength to party another night, the music does need to stop eventually. For everyone’s sanity’s sake!

  • Barrio leads to be encouraged to be realistic about sound levels and ensure that all of their parties and events tailor them appropriately to the numbers in attendance at their party.

  • Sound lead and Barrio support team to work with each barrio to deal with issues surrounding, base, amplification and other contributing factors to peoples distress during overnight periods.

  • Malfare and Art car lead to work closely with creators of Art cars and mobile sound based projects to ensure all projects are aware of restrictions with regards to vehicles and sound in Green and yellow zoned areas. Any breach of this during nighttime hours will have a zero tolerance approach and driving and or sound privileges may be revoked.

  • Where a group or project outside of a red zone wish to have an event which may generate noise or amplified sounds, Nomads, Barrio support leads or members of the Art production team may work with said project to liaise with its neighbours and participants living closely nearby. NB this does not guarantee any project or event will be allowed to happen in said zones, merely that Nowhere will work with you to discuss the matter with your neighbours

  • Any level of sound which interferes with the ability of Medics, Nomads, interpreters or welfare crews to their vital work will be deemed to be unacceptable. The decision of a malfare shift lead here is non negotiable and failure to comply with a fair request may lead to loss of sound privileges for a day or the duration of the event.

  • Any level of sound which causes distress to individuals who are under the care of the Welfare team, red cross or Malfare team at their base of operations will be deeded to be unacceptable.

  • Any level of sound which interferes with workshops, classes or other activities in other spaces around site is deemed to be too loud