Adverse weather protocol

Emergency Response Protocol:

Adverse Weather

_ Bad storms, flooding, lightning strikes, high winds, wild fires, heat waves, etc. _

  • Stay calm, help prevent panic.
  • Focus is on keeping everyone out of harm’s way and minimising damage.
  • People first. Property last!
  • Safety first!
  • Remember: do not become a part of the problem. Follow directions, stay safe.
  • Full cooperation with the fire department – they are in charge once they get on site.
  • In case of lightning strikes or fire caused by lightning – defer to Fire Department. Do not try to free persons trapped by lightning. Set up a perimeter and wait for the Fire Department.
  • In case of flooding – set up perimeter, keep people away. Do not try to rescue property at the risk of life.
  • In case of high winds, tornadoes –Do not try to rescue property at the risk of life. Keep thrill-seekers/cameras/videos away!
  • In case of death due to adverse weather - follow protocols for ‘Death on Site’
  • Privacy of all individuals involved in the incident is to be respected at all times, and the spread of rumours should be contained – all team members to actively assist in this!

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